Supplement Your IT Staff

Get the most out of your technology investments

Many mid-size businesses have their own internal IT staff and resources. They are often: experts in the day-to-day operations of the business and network, experienced with specific Line-Of-Business Applications, and are the first responders to technical support requests. But they may not have the time to stay current on all of the latest technologies, or be familiar with all of the Best Practices, or have enough resources to cover all of the bases.

Whether your network consists of 2 servers or more servers, 25 computers or 250 computers, a single office or a multi-site Wide Area Network, TorontoPro has the experience and expertise to supplement your internal IT staff.

As one of our clients, you and your internal IT Staff will enjoy access to many important support services, including the following:

Technical Support. Answers to questions and problems that your staff may not know. Assistance can be provided by:

  • Our Field Team via regularly scheduled onsite visits
  • Our Field Team via special onsite visits
  • Our Remote Services Team via telephone, email and remote control support

Project Assistance. For an extra set of helping hands during larger project implementations, when a lot of work needs to get done in a short amount of time.

  • Design and implementation expertise that your staff may be missing
  • Ideas your staff may not have thought of
  • Best Practices your staff may not be aware of
  • Detailed checklists for project management and for software installation and configuration

TorontoPro Monitoring, IT Automation and Network Management tools and consulting services prevent problems and keep your computers performing at their best.


We are an established company that has been in business for many year and we have the experience to full fill your needs.

Let TorontoPro supplement your company’s inhouse IT Department – you’ll be glad you did.